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Viscose Area Rug Cleaners

CarpetsToDyeFor is your go-to expert viscose rug cleaner in town. Every month, we receive a large number of requests to clean delicate rayon, bamboo, or banana rugs. We guarantee a safe and efficient cleaning job every time. With the help of our considerable hands-on experience, IICRC certifications, and advanced know-how in the viscose area rug cleaning field, we have developed a special cleaning protocol that can expand the lifespan of fragile and weak viscose rugs. 

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Are Viscose Rugs Difficult To Clean?

Unfortunately, yes. Viscose rugs, also known as bamboo, banana, rayon, or art silk rugs are manufactured with the help of manmade fibers. They are a mix of chemicals and pulp extracted from wood and cotton by-products and they are only made of a type of cellulose, which gives them paper-like properties. In other words, they are incredibly weak and cannot withstand regular wet cleaning and powerful vacuuming methods. The difficulties of cleaning these rugs are, therefore, mostly a direct result of their manufacturing process. The fibers in them cannot hold color dyes and the simple act of walking on these rugs on a daily basis or having them vacuumed to clean the dust would suffice to cause them to lose their original shimmer and softness and affect their structure.

Viscose Carpet Cleaning Services We Specialize In

Over the years, we have tested, modified, and improved a number of viscose rug cleaning methods and procedures. Whenever a new rug reaches us, our experts will proceed to carefully inspect it and determine its state of degradation, perform color bleeding tests and finally decide upon the best cleaning method for it, according to all of its particularities.

Here is what you can expect from our skilled and experienced viscose carpet cleaners:

  • thorough viscose rug inspections and assessments
  • color bleeding tests on inconspicuous surfaces
  • dry vacuuming
  • low moisture washing solutions
  • safe, eco-friendly cleaning products
  • anti-yellowing and anti-browning solutions
  • stop and stain removal services, including pet waste
  • fabric protectant application

If, for whatever reason, you are not entirely satisfied with the end results, we will come back, go over all the steps and make sure they are completed flawlessly. We understand just how sensitive, fragile, and weak these area rugs are and we guarantee that we will do everything in our power to only use the best practices and safest cleaning methods that will significantly limit and minimize any potential damage.

Low Moisture Viscose Area Rug Cleaning Services

One of the most common cleaning solutions we find works best with these rugs is one that relies on very small amounts of fresh water, generically called “low moisture cleaning”. Given the weakness and vulnerability of these rugs, and the fact that they will usually lose around half of their strength once water touches them, it is crucial to know just how much water to use, when certain steam cleaning practices might work, or when to choose a different alternative instead.

We have developed a safe low moisture formula that works well for most rayon rug cleaning requirements and we always perform advanced assessments to make sure the current state of the cellulose fibers in the rug allows us to use the respective formula.

Dry Vacuuming Art Silk Rug Cleaning Solutions

Another problem that makes cleaning viscose rugs an even greater issue is the excessive shedding tied to them. During regular vacuuming, these carpets will shed a lot of fibers, as the specific pulling movements are done and repeated. We always use the low-power function when completing the dry vacuuming and steer clear from any beating heads or powerful suction options that could considerably damage the rug and cause it to shed beyond repair.

Drying and Grooming Options

Nap laying is another specific problem that characterizes these rugs and it usually occurs whenever the rugs have not been groomed according to their exact needs, prior to the forced drying. The grooming process refers to pointing the fibers in a straight and upward direction instead of the complete random directions that the fibers will normally point to if left unattended. Random fiber and nap laying dispersion will cause the rugs to look like they have not been washed, making the entire process pointless.

We are experts in nap laying and we have just the right tools and know-how to complete it according to the highest industry standards. Please keep in mind that a viscose rug is up to four times more difficult to clean compared to a silk carpet, and, accordingly, the cleaning time for these rugs should also be expected to be four times longer.

Anti-Yellowing Solutions

Once water, moisture, excessive humidity naturally found in the air, or a small flood will cause any amount of water to reach these rugs, they are prone to turn yellow or brown. The staining is unsightly to look at and it can be avoided with the help of the correct washing procedures, as well as special fabric protectors that we can apply at the end of the washing. These protectants will not only minimize the yellowing but also make cleaning fresh spills a lot easier.

Convenient Viscose Area Rug Cleaning Prices

We provide the safest, most affordable, convenient, and fast viscose carpet cleaning near me services in town. We invite you to ask for a free price quote for any of our services or a full viscose rug carpet cleaning service and understand how affordable our work is.

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