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Sofa Cleaning

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Are you interested in affordable sofa steam cleaning services in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island or anywhere in the Nassau County? Do you need quick leather sofa cleaning for your business? We are your go-to experts in the entire array of sofa cleaning services in all these areas. We work fast, efficient, safe and we use the best eco-friendly cleaners and steam cleaning methods in the industry. Call 888-908-9619 now and we guarantee you will not regret it!

Besides the convenience of owning a sofa in your house or having a spacious sofa in your waiting room at the office, sofas are also excellent statement pieces that can beautifully complete any décor. If your beloved couch is covered in old food stains and spills or its exposure to direct sunlight has caused it to wear out too fast, we are here to help. Regular vacuuming and cleaning agents will either not get the job done the right way or cause irreversible damage to the fabric. Leather and silk sofas are some of the most sensitive types of furniture that require special cleaning strategies and using the wrong cleaners will most likely result in a disaster. It is important to only work with cleaning products that do not contain any harsh chemicals that are damaging for your sofas, your health and the environment. The Carpets To Dye For team only works with the safest and most efficient sofa cleaners that that restore dull looking leather, reach deep into hidden crevices and eliminate all traces of invisible bacteria and remove old stains through 100% eco-friendly steam cleaning processes and other deep cleaning products.

These are the sofa steam cleaning services we are hired to do most often:

  • sofa shampooing services
  • deep cleaning for all types of upholstered sofas
  • steam sofa cleaning
  • advanced vacuuming
  • sofa deodorization
  • couch stain removal
  • sofa scotchgard solutions
  • leather sofa cleaning
  • Expert Sofa Shampooing

With the help of tested and guaranteed mechanized cleaning options that have proven their effects time and time again over the years, our IICRC-technicians will thoroughly clean your sofa. There are several steps in the shampooing process, including:

Dry vacuuming. Here, our trained sofa steam cleaners NY will carefully remove all traces of loose debris and dirt from the most hidden crevices of the couch

Chemical foam. With the help of chemical foam that is safe to use around humans and pets,

we will remove nasty stains and spills covering your favorite sofa at home or at the workplace.

Manual scrubbing. For best results, our technicians will use the most advanced manual scrubbing techniques with professional rushes that will ensure zero damage will be done to the fabrics.

Moisture extraction. This is the final step of the sofa shampooing process and it involves the complete extraction of all traces of residual moisture and bacteria that might have been eft behind. The thickness of the sofa’s fabrics will determine the necessary drying time, usually around two hours or more. Using a ventilator or an A/C system should speed up the process.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

With the help of dry vacuuming completed with industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, we will remove all the extra dirt and dust and figure out what is the best way to remove any stains and dirt left. If necessary and possible, we will recondition your leather-upholstered sofa, bench, ottoman or chair and use the safest wax and cream to bring back the lost shine. Our expert solutions will restore the natural look and beauty of any piece of leather furniture that is not severely damaged or deteriorated beyond repair. With the help of the right buffing procedures, our technicians will make your sofas look brand new again and remind you why you have invested in them in the first place.

Sofa Steam Cleaning: Stain Removal In New York and Nassau

Lots of beautiful sofas with gorgeous patterns are genuine statement pieces for any home. Unfortunately, when they are covered in unsightly stains and food spills, their decorating purpose is rendered useless. With the help of 100% safe, eco-friendly and highly efficient hot water extraction techniques, also called steam cleaning, we will help you take back your sofas and fully enjoy their beauty and comfort them once again. The powerful steam cleaning method should accurately remove most of the stains on all the surfaces. If, for whatever reason, in case of heavy damage and wear-out because of prolonged exposure to the sun, we will not be able to remove all stains and restore your sofa to their original shape, we will argument the problem and help you understand what are your alternatives.

Best Sofa Cleaning Prices In New York and Nassau

Get in touch with our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable customer support crew and let us offer you your free, transparent and no-obligation sofa steam cleaning price quote. We can do it online or by phone, break down all the costs for you and give you some more realistic cost expectations of what you could be charged. Whether you need leather sofa cleaning services for a large couch or several small ones for your home or business, or you are looking for cleaning solutions for a silk or fabric upholstered sofa, we will give you a far and competitive sofa cleaning price.

Get in touch with us now calling 888-908-9619 now and let our IICRC-certified technicians restore the beauty, cleanliness and freshness in your precious sofas at good rates.

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