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Professional Flokati Rug Cleaning Services

Charm, beauty, artistic expression, softness, tradition, history. With their shaggy appearance and their specific thickness, Flokati area rugs have a special place in our hearts and homes. Following ancient Greek traditions, today’s modern wool and synthetic area rugs are equally spectacular and popular. Here at Carpets To Dye For, we specialize in professional cleaning and maintenance services for a great variety of traditional Flokati carpets. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment if you need help with removing nasty stains or unpleasant odors from your carpets, or you need an extra hand to bring back the fluffiness and softness in your rugs.

Brief Greek History Of Flokati Area Rugs

These fluffy rugs that keep our feet warm in the winter originate in Samarina, Greece. They were originally designed by the villagers there – mostly shepherds – around the year 4000 A.D., as a means of staying warm in the winter. The Greek shepherds recognized the warming and isolating power of natural sheep wool and they started making full use of their sheared sheep’s wool.

At first, the rugs they made were extremely shaggy, as shepherds did not fully grasp the real potential of their wool. Accidentally, a few shepherds left a blanket made of woven wool in cold river water for a couple of days; when they came back, they found the blanket’s wool had flourished naturally. Starting then, Flokati area rugs started to be flourished and gradually turned into a luxury item for hundreds of rich families in Greece and other parts of the world. The versatility of Flokati enables it to be used for floor coverings as well as blankets, bed covers and even clothes. Another excellent characteristic of these rugs is their enhanced flame- and stain-resistance.

Flokati Rugs On American Soil

The cultural revolution in the seventies made Flokati area rugs popular in the US. Shag turned into the preferred style of the times, and Flokati rugs automatically became an excellent means of artistic expression. Even today, these area rugs are an essential part of many homes that are styled and decorated with the help of Western elements.

Types Of Flokati Area Rugs

Flokati area rugs continue to be made by hand following strict traditional guidelines in the Greek mountains. They manage to hold on to their original fluffiness thanks to the cold river water secret. Their main color is an off-white, but today’s modern Flokati rugs can be found in a rich variety of vivid colors and designs.

Modern-day Flokati area rugs are also made from synthetic wool and other fabrics, in an attempt to imitate the natural look of sheep wool. No matter what type of a Flokati rug you might own, we strongly recommend you do not try to have it cleaned at home, using your regular carpet cleaners and methods. You will risk causing serious damage to your carpet and eventually render it useless. Our IICRC-certified carpet cleaners specialize in the entire array of Oriental, Turkish, Kilim, Persian, Karastan or Chinese Art Deco rugs. We can clean, repair, restore or dye your beloved Flokati carpets using entirely safe and efficient industry procedures, tools and dyes.

Flokati Rug Cleaning Services

In order to make sure your beautiful Flokati rugs will have a long lifespan, we encourage you to have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. They require a specific cleaning procedure that cannot be imitated by homeowners using their regular vacuum cleaners and over the counter cleaning/stain-removal sprays. CarpetsToDyeFor specializes in these professional cleaning methods that will not only trigger the desired results, but they will also help you save serious money on buying new Flokati area rugs.

Our Cleaning Process

There are a few different options at hand when it comes to thoroughly clean a Flokati rug and getting rid of the deeply embedded dust, dirt and germs in the fibers.

  • Our technicians will initiate the cleaning process by brushing the rug, following by a careful vacuuming session with the help of powerful, industrial vacuum machines. They will only use the suction option and steer clear from the beater bar or the revolving brush to avoid damage. Next, they will use mild cleaning agents on the area rug and get rid of all the remaining dirt and dust with the help of a brush. They will also try to limit the amount of water that reaches the carpets. Once all the steps of the cleaning process have been completed, it is time to dry the Flokati rugs with the help of top equipment.
  • It is also possible to use the pressurized air flow cleaning method. This procedure requires technicians to remove all dirt from the rug with the help of a simple, yet rigorous and effective shake. Next, the cleaners can rely on powerful air pressure to get rid of the remaining debris.
  • Machine washing is also possible for small-sized Flokati area rugs. With the help of mild detergents and zero bleaching agents, we can clean your rugs, them soften its fibers using professional carpet softeners. This should ensure you will once again enjoy the original softness and fluffiness of your Flokati carpet. Finally, the area rugs are left to dry naturally.

Finally, make sure to vacuum your freshly cleaned Flokati rugs at least a couple of times a week, and avoid storing them underneath furniture for good long-term results. To learn more about our expert Flokati carpet cleaning services, get in touch with us today.

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