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Home And Office Disinfecting And Sterilizing Steam Services

Home And Office Disinfecting And Sterilizing Services

Unfortunately, we do not live in a germ-free world, and most of us suffer form various forms of allergy that are triggered by mold, dust mites, and bacteria that tends to get deeply embedded in the fibers of our carpets, upholstery, curtains, and furniture. To top it off, we live in cities with high levels of air pollution and foot traffic and we have too little time to thoroughly clean our homes when we should.

Luckily, there are professional carpet cleaning services that can come to our help and clean, disinfect, sterilize and odorize our rugs and make them look, feel and smell brand new. CarpetsToDyeFor does not only specialize in cleaning, repairing, restoring and re-dyeing carpets. We also handle expert home and office steam carpet cleaning and sterilizing services that will get you rid of all allergens, dirt, germs and bad odors. Contact us for any emergency concerning your modern day or Oriental-style carpet and we will send over an emergency field technician to throw you a hand. Accidental spills need to be handled straight away, or else they will, more often than not, cause irreparable damage to your beloved carpeting.

Steam Cleaning And Disinfecting Services We Offer  

All of the carpet cleaning technicians we work with are IICRC-approved and certified, which turns them into your number-one, go-to people for any cleaning job you might need done on your carpets.  

We work with all types and models of carpets, be it Persian, Turkish, Kilim, Chinese Art Deco, Flokati, silk, wool or cotton area rugs. No matter how old or new, stained or dirty, we can easily eradicate all traces of spills and spots, dirt, grime, allergens, bacteria, mold and mildew, along with the associated odors. We can currently offer the following residential and commercial disinfecting and sanitizing services:

  • carpet steam cleaning and disinfecting services for homes
  • carpet steam cleaning and disinfecting services for commercial customers  
  • steam cleaning services for upholstery
  • deodorizing services for carpets
  • drapery and curtain steam cleaning
  • and more

Get in touch with our customer support number and let us know exactly what you need help with. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers along the years, and we are well-aware of the fact that no two carpets are the same. They each require special assessment and different types of cleaning and disinfecting solutions, according to the fabrics they are made of, their age, the dyes they have been colored with, the presence of fringes and any special patterns, the degree of staining and the list goes on. Usually, carpets that have been purchased in stores come with detailed labels advising buyers upon the most suitable cleaning and drying techniques. If you own an antique, oriental area rug passed down from generation to generation, chances are these instructions are missing. No need to worry, we specialize in all types of Oriental carpets and we know just how to handle each and every one of them.

Residential Sanitizing Services

  • Our company specializes in professionally servicing carpets. This means anything from steam cleaning to stain removal, dyeing, color restoration, fringe and weave repairs and the list goes on. From time to time, the old carpets around your house may need a little extra push to regain their lost glory and charm. This can come in the form of a successful steam cleaning session that will not only leave them looking sparkling clean, vivid and brought back to life, but it will also eliminate all germs, mold, mildew and allergens.
  • We rely on state-of-the-art steam cleaners that use the hot water extraction methods, as well as expert disinfecting sprayers that have zero effects on the health of our skin, lungs and eyes.
  • Steam cleaning is the safest type of carpet cleaning and disinfecting procedure out there at the moment, so you should not worry about any harmful substances reaching the floors, counters or your appliances and possible contaminating your food or drinks.  

Commercial Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing 

Managing an office, a warehouse, a school, a hospital or a gym means constantly having to make sure all surfaces are sparkling and clinically clean and disinfected. Our top-notch steam cleaning equipment enables us to keep germ and bacteria infestations away and your customers, members or patients comfortable and healthy in the long run. A clean commercial area rug that has been accurately sanitized will look in the long term, as well as promote better business.

We only work with non-corrosive sprays and environmentally-friendly steam cleaning products that allow us to do our job with zero interference with the regular functions of your office gear.

Carpet Deodorizing And Sanitizing Services

Since cleaning a carpet is not only about getting rid of the dirt and stains, but also about making it smell fresh and new again, our deodorizing services are just what you need. We can give your carpets the fresh fragrance you are looking for, while jeeping infections at bay. We rely on the best deodorizers and disinfectants on the market and we guarantee you will experience an amazing state of peace taking over you once your newly deodorized rugs will reach your floors again.

If you need more information about the sanitizing and disinfecting services we provide, give us a call and let us answer your every question.

Nursery Room Disinfecting Services

Are you getting ready to bring your newly born baby home? Worried your nursery is not sparkling clean and properly disinfected? The Carpets To Dye For team specializes in the entire array of baby prep cleaning services. Give us a call, schedule an appointment with us and let us assist you with your carpeting, floor and upholstery cleaning needs. We use the safest, eco-friendly, non-harmful cleaning products and the most advanced cleaning tools that guarantee flawless results.

Get a cleaning and sterilization job done a few days before you are ready to bring your new baby home and get more peace of mind knowing you are going to welcome your baby in an entirely clean, safe and germ-free home. Use our maintenance cleaning services periodically for long-term effects and get in touch with us for more details.  

Our expert baby nursery room sterilization services handle the following:

  • steam cleaning nursery room disinfecting
  • carpeting and floor sterilization
  • furniture and upholstery sanitizing
  • environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies
  • newborn prep cleaning services

“When I called Carpetstodye for, I literally felt like my carpets were long gone and ready to be buried. They were covered in bleach spots and grass stains for a few good months. And nothing seemed to work, no over the counter stain remover got the job done…

Darren W.

“Carpetstodyefor saved me around $5,000 on new carpets for my home. I had hired a novice carpet cleaning service in town that did a lousy job cleaning the stains on my carpets using the wrong tools and products. Their poor work resulted in the complete destruction of almost every carpet and area rug in my house…

Kevin R.


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