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Design Dyeing

Design dye is one of the many services offered by expert solid color dyeing and color restoration companies like ours. We do not limit our palette of services to simple color restoration or bleach spot repairs. We are capable of creating professional-looking custom carpet designs that can match the subtle or more exotic taste of both residential and commercials customers. And the great news is that we do it at a fraction of the cost that you would normally have to pay for brand new carpeting.

Choose Your Favorite Design

You could have your old, faded, and worn-out carpets around your house, apartment, or office space dyed in a variety of different shades and colors at certain intersections, and mix together two or more colors for exquisite results. You could also braid your carpets on the edges and use them as centerpieces for a special room around your house.

CarpetsToDyeFor only hires fully certified carpet dyeing technicians with lots of experience in the field. We only use professional dyes that are non-toxic and environmental-friendly. Also, all of our dyes are colorfast, which means you should have no problem regaining access to the rooms of the house where the design dyeing took place without fear of bleeding dye or color walk off.

We can create brand new and unique designs for your old carpets and bring back their life and charm. We can also effectively restore heirloom carpets, as well as fine handmade Oriental or Persian rugs and bring back their original colors. We can also do a complete makeover in terms of colors and patterns/designs so everything can perfectly suit your decorating ideas.

We apply borders and designs or new patterns to existing wall-to-wall carpets, and we are able to restore all missing color triggered by bleach stains and sun fading. No matter if you have a multi-color carpet or a patterned area rug you would like to color differently, we can help you get rid of the annoying discolorations and stains that are a few years’ old. We take great pride in our custom color creation procedures. We are able to match all shades of colors during our color engineering processes that come with unlimited possibilities.

Design Dyeing: Adding Borders

Even a custom border added to a carpet is able to generate a dramatic change. No matter if you own a pricey wool rug, or a more affordable carpet, stain discoloration and color fading can do a number on both. Before our technicians can add new borders to your carpets, they will first need to whiten the rig and get rid of all the discoloration. After that, they can go ahead and add a border in order to better blend into a light painted room with light color furniture. This should turn any carpet into the main focus point of a room.

If you are interested in our custom framing services, our dye technicians can help you every step of the way. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make it happen.

Design Dyeing: Custom Artwork

CarpetsToDyeFor also specializes in creating custom logos and artwork. We apply the new colors you have personally selected with the help of special custom templates. Each of the colors is added one at a time, so the end results are prone to be remarkable. If you wish to make your company name, logo, or brand seen and heard of, having custom artwork and logos imprinted on your carpets is an excellent idea. We warmly invite you to get in touch with us and take a look at some of the work we have done in the past.

Opt For Eco-friendly Design Dyeing Services

We only work with environmentally friendly design dye and we assure your health and well-being will not be affected in any way. Our dyes are not toxic and they do not consist of the regular harmful substances found in regular over the counter dyes.

Get in touch with us today and let us know what you have in mind for your stained and discolored carpets. We can provide you with free estimates and color sampling tests so you can understand exactly what we can do for you. We can also help you choose the best color combinations, patterns, borders, and artwork to create one of a kind carpets and rugs for your home or commercial space. We will explain the entire process to you and assist you with your furniture moving needs, wall prep, and any other adjacent things you may need help with.

We also provide specialized color change, color restoration, Oriental rug dyeing services, bleach spot repair, and stain removal services. Send us a message today or give us a call and one of our customer representatives will be quick to answer your every question and concern.

“When I called Carpetstodye for, I literally felt like my carpets were long gone and ready to be buried. They were covered in bleach spots and grass stains for a few good months. And nothing seemed to work, no over the counter stain remover got the job done…

Darren W.

“Carpetstodyefor saved me around $5,000 on new carpets for my home. I had hired a novice carpet cleaning service in town that did a lousy job cleaning the stains on my carpets using the wrong tools and products. Their poor work resulted in the complete destruction of almost every carpet and area rug in my house…

Kevin R.


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