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Bleach Spot Repair

Lots of home and business owners confront with bleach spot problems. They are caused by the accidental spill of household bleach or different types of chemicals. The results are always the same: white, orange, or yellow spots, stains, and blemishes. More often than not, they are difficult to eliminate using simple household cleaners and spot removers. Expert bleach spot repair services like the ones offered by CarpetsToDyeFor on the other hand can effectively get you rid of any bleach spots, and accurately match the color loss in your carpets. It does not matter if the color loss is found on a solid color carpet or a more complex intricate pattern with multiple colors. We have got the right techniques, trained carpet dye technicians, and professional dyes needed for complete and successful restoration.

Stay Away From DIY Bleach Spot Removal Projects

As tempted as you might be to personally try to remove white and yellow bleach stains from your carpets and rugs, we urge you not to do it. While you may be able to find a great number of home-dyeing remedies, including the use of coffee grounds and teabags to correct faded or stained carpet colors, we can assure you that you won’t be able to achieve any kind of satisfying results. On the contrary, you will only risk having to deal with an even greater issue. Can you imagine using a crayon or a marker to try and correct the faded borders on your Persian rug, or the patterns on your expensive, wool-weaved carpet? What about when you will need to wash your carpets?

You could also be tempted to use over the counter carpet stain removers. Some of them work, but they may work too good, in a sense that they are created to also remove the colors from carpets. In other words, these stain removers are not able to differentiate between bleach posts and the original colors of your carpet. And you may end up doing more harm than good.

We strongly suggest you save yourself a lot of time and energy and get in touch with us a professional bleach spot repair service like ours instead. CarpetsToDyeFor only works with experienced, well-trained color restoration and carpet dyeing technicians who are certified. Leave it to us and we guarantee you will be fully satisfied with the results.

Pet urine is also known to be extremely hard on your carpets. Since it goes on hot, it penetrates deep into the fibers of a carpet. And it is also known to go on acidic. In time, it turns into alkaline crystals. This is, unfortunately, the most damaging form pet urine can be found in. Alkaline products are known to be extremely harsh on carpet fibers, stripping them of their beautiful colors.

The Bleach Spot Repair Process

The very first step we will undertake will be to perfectly neutralize the bleach from your carpets. Next, we will create the custom colors that are identical to the original ones. We will then rely on a few advanced application methods to add the dye to the faded carpet. Some of the most popular and efficient methods include the use of syringes, as well as the airbrush technique and spray bottles.  

Stop trying to get creative with hiding those nasty bleach stains on your carpets. Cutting and patching might also do the trick at times, but it depends on the carpet, the fabrics it is made of, its value to you, and the professionals you will hire for the job. Not anyone can do an equally good job when it comes to patching a carpet and make it look brand new. Another alternative would be to have the bleach stained carpets replaced with brand new and usually expensive ones. No one wants to be forced to buy a new carpet because of a bleach spot they cannot get rid of by themselves. We can help you pay a fraction of the replacement cost for a new carpet, so the alternative we can provide you with is definitely worth your attention.

CarpetsToDyeFor can accurately repair any bleach spots on any type of residential and commercial carpet. We can dye and match the bleach spot to the present color of the carpet area surrounding the spot. Get in touch with us today and set up an appointment for a free estimate and a sampling color test. If you are not satisfied with the results, we can try again until we can reach the desired goals.

Keep in mind bleach remains active for up to 20 years, which means it continues to bleach your carpet long after the accidental stain occurred. To stop it from further damaging your carpet, you will need to neutralize it. A professional carpet dyeing and color restoration service like ours has got the right tools and knowledge needed to efficiently neutralize bleach found in all types of chemicals and dye your carpets back to their original color.

“When I called Carpetstodye for, I literally felt like my carpets were long gone and ready to be buried. They were covered in bleach spots and grass stains for a few good months. And nothing seemed to work, no over the counter stain remover got the job done…

Darren W.

“Carpetstodyefor saved me around $5,000 on new carpets for my home. I had hired a novice carpet cleaning service in town that did a lousy job cleaning the stains on my carpets using the wrong tools and products. Their poor work resulted in the complete destruction of almost every carpet and area rug in my house…

Kevin R.


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