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CarpetsToDyeFor provides expert carpet dyeing in all U.S. states, for both residential and commercial properties. All of the services we offer are backed by industry-leading guarantees. Our on-time appointments, free estimates and color sampling are prone to make the process a lot smoother and faster. We offer the entire range of carper dyeing services, including:


Our professional color restoration services can save faded carpets that have been exposed to direct sunlight, chemicals, and other harmful substances. We can effectively restore any original color and help you immediately walk on your carpets, with zero dye transfer, walk off, or dye bleeding. All of our dyes are environmentally-friendly, non-allergenic, non-toxic, and guaranteed permanent and colorfast. We can effectively expand the life of your carpets and significantly improve their appearance for a fraction of the cost of buying a new carpet.


CarpetsToDyeFor specializes in color changing services for carpets. If you have grown tired of your old, faded, outdated colors, or you want to redesign your home on a budget, our color change technicians can throw you a hand. We can create the most beautiful custom colors you have in mind, to perfectly blend in, match, or contract the rest of your décor. Don’t have a specific new color in mind for your carpets? No problem! We can literally generate millions of colors for you to look into. All you have to do is show us your old carpets and the decorations you would like to match them with, and we will recommend the best solutions possible. We will quickly create samples of the new and unique colors and test them on small, inconspicuous surfaces on your carpets.


Accidents happen. Bleach and chemicals get spilled on floors and carpets, and this is how unsightly faded spots are born. You may recognize these affected areas as yellow, white, and orange spots. CarpetsToDyeFor has got the right tools, skills, and experience needed to effectively restore these spots, guaranteeing perfect color matches every time. No matter what color your old carpets, multi-colored and patterned colors included, we can fully restore your rugs and carpets.


Are your carpets and rugs covered in pet urine, coffee, or food stains? Have you spilled any red wine or colored drinks on your carpets lately? We can help you get rid of stubborn, hard-to-remove, unsightly discolorations and stains in no time. We handle every spill and stain as a color-related problem, making sure your carpets will regain their original look in no time.


CarpetsToDyeFor specializes in dye design services. We can add new shapes and borders to your old and dull carpets and give them a fresh, new look. We also handle other designs you might have in mind for your rugs and carpets, Oriental and Persian carpets included. Our certified dye technicians are trained to add stair and hallway runners, as well as other high-traffic areas. We can help you create practical, easy-to-maintain, and visually appealing areas around your home. Get in touch with us today and ask for a free sample.


We are proud to say that we count among the few skilled and experienced carpet color restoring services in the United States. We handle intricately detailed color restorations on all types of Oriental, Turkish, Persian, flat weave kilims, Bokhara rugs, modern and vogue rugs, overdyed rugs, silk, patchwork, and other types of Oriental rugs.

Persian and Oriental rugs in general are known for their increased susceptibility to sun exposure. Colors tend to fade, and carpets lose their shine and beauty. We can help fix this problem with the help of custom airbrush gear. We have successfully restored hundreds of Oriental carpets and rugs so far, and we take great pride in the attention we give to all fine details that characterize these beautiful masterpieces.


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