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Fun Things To Do In New York While Your Carpets Are Being Cleaned

Whether you have been living in New York since as long as you can remember or you have recently moved here, one thing is sure: you could use an extra hand at cleaning your apartment or house. However, why not do it in style, while letting our pros sterilize and sanitize all the surfaces around your house, deep clean your carpets or change the colors of your old and faded carpeting? Plan a fun day out and about in New York while letting our experienced and frie NY cleaning services handle all the work for you. Need some ideas to get you started? Here is a top 5 list of fun things to do in New York we think you might enjoy!

Spend The Day In Central Park

central parkIt might sound like a cliché, but the truth is Central Park is so generous when it comes to all the cool sightseeing spots and unique places waiting to be discovered that it would be a shame not to plan a visit here as often as you can. Spend a few hours in the outdoors, taking in all the energy of this amazing park and the greenery while we take care of your stained and dirty Flokati or oriental area rugs. While there is nothing stopping you from being present inside your house or apartment while our technicians are busy doing all the dry cleaning, moth removal and carpet dyeing procedures you have hired them to do, the truth is most people prefer to keep themselves busy doing something else. A visit to Central Park and a reunion with nature sounds like a great idea, no doubt.

To make things even more interesting, you could change your regular itinerary to Central Park and take the subway to 72nd Street and reach Central Park West, go east and check out the gorgeous Strawberry Fields, visit Cherry Hill, the Sheep Meadow, or the Bethesda Fountain. Do not forget about the famous Loeb Boathouse or the Hans Christian Andersen Monument and the Alice in Wonderland statues, especially if want to take the kids along. Take your time to truly enjoy all these gems especially if you always pass the park in a hurry, with your mind focusing on a million other things and not getting to truly see what is in front of your eyes.

Make sure not to miss a visit to Lake Shore on 72nd Street and, why not, consider renting a rowboat or embarking on a cool gondola tour, if you’ve never done it before. It will give you a chance to experience the park from a different angle and snap some cool photos for your social media feed.

Admire The Street Art Around New York

While this might not be your regular type of activity that you would normally include on a list of things to do in New York, it is definitely something that you should take into account. Why? Simply because New York is the cradle where street art was originally born, so whether you have a passion for art in general, you are looking for some inspiration for your own art projects, or you are simply curious to see the city through the eyes of graffiti artists, this is your chance.newyork

If you have never taken the time to experience the street art around NYC, you should get ready for a truly unique and visceral experience that will not have a lot in common with any museum visit you might be used to.
Just take a look at the Bowery Graffiti Wall that you should have no problem spotting on the corner of Bowery with Houston and get a real sense of what the work of a world-renown street artist looks like. You could also check out the constantly rotating lineup of cool street artists you can find on the Coney Island Art Walls. If your urban visit will expand after the sunset, you might have the time to visit the Lower East Side and the 100 Games Project there, which is a huge displays of works of art cleverly displayed on the grates that cover all the businesses in the area during the night. It’s definitely a sight you will want to see at least once in your life!

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