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Client Testimonials

“When I called Carpetstodye for, I literally felt like my carpets were long gone and ready to be buried. They were covered in bleach spots and grass stains for a few good months. And nothing seemed to work, no over the counter stain remover got the job done. To make matters worse, a couple of these so-called miraculous stain removers actually whitened carpet areas that had no stains on them. So I was getting ready to save for new carpeting when one of my neighbors recommended these fellows. I cannot thank him – and them – enough! They really worked a miracle on my carpets and removed all bleach pots and grass stains in just a few hours. And they charged more than decent rates for it, so I would definitely recommend and use them again. I also heard about their design dye services and I would be interested in adding some dark borders to my Persian rugs in the future.

Darren W.

“CarpetsToDyeFor saved me around $5,000 on new carpets for my home. I had hired a novice carpet cleaning service in town that did a lousy job cleaning the stains on my carpets using the wrong tools and products. Their poor work resulted in the complete destruction of almost every carpet and area rug in my house. They had used powerful bleaching products to get rid of the stains and spots and in return added even more white and yellow stains in the surrounding areas. My carpets were a complete mess by the time the nice guys at CarpetsToDyeFor came over to assess the problem. They told me exactly what they were going to do to save my carpets and even allowed me to choose new colors for some of my carpets and make them look brand new. I cannot thank them enough, I paid around 30 percent of the money I would have been forced to pay on new carpets.”

Kevin R.

“ I knew I needed someone really talented who could help me restore the faded, worn-out carpets I in my spacious living room. The guys at CarpetsToDyeFor have a real passion for coloring and restoring beautiful carpet colors and shades. And I immediately understood that the second we met. They have a deep understanding and a wide knowledge of everything color-related, including bordering and design dye, color restoration, color dyeing, bleach spot repair, spot removal and anything else color-related. They make my carpets look brand new and I cannot say how grateful I am for that!”

“When one of my business partners recommended CarpetsToDyeFor to me for my stained and discolored area rugs at the office, I have to admit I was rather skeptical. I didn’t know a lot of things about the type of work carpet dyeing and color restoration services were able to offer. So when I gave them a call, I had a lot of questions and concerns. To my surprise, their customer representative was extremely friendly, helpful, and open. I found out that faded colors and nasty coffee stains that are a few years’ old can be removed with the help of special techniques. And this new piece of info saved me a great deal of money, since I didn’t have to buy new carpeting for the 50 feet of office floors I am responsible for. I also decided to have some of the area rugs design dyed with our company logo, so our name and business can pop into the heads of customers and prospects a lot easier. And sales have been going up, so it worked!

“I called Carpetstodye for to as them to do some design dyeing on some of the carpets in my new apartment. I had bought some vintage rugs online and wanted to give them a fresh look while preserving their original charm. Their technicians came over as scheduled, assesses my needs, and generated the test colors that perfectly matched the original colors. It only took them 3 hours to design dye my carpets with the new colors and what’s even better is that it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg and I was able to keep the carpets I fell in love with.”

Jay P.

“I recommended CarpetsToDyeFor to a friend of mine who was always complaining about not being able to get rid of some bleach and Kool-Aid stains. She was certain simply dyeing her living room carpet would not be able to restore it to its original glory and brightness. And she couldn’t afford to buy a new one, especially since she was the owner of a gorgeous Oriental carpet that has been in her family for many generations. So while she was in total disbelief, she gave them a call and set up a meeting. She chose two new colors they tested on her carpet and created a gorgeous dark border that made her carpet look brand new. She saved 80 percent the cost of buying a new carpet similar to her old one – it was handmade, woven Persian carpet that was no longer available in stores. So it was definitely worth getting in touch with the skilled and talented CarpetsToDyeFor team.”

Elena H.


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