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The Benefits Of Carpet Dyeing

Lots of people feel embarrassed about their stained or bleached carpets when having guests over. Stains and blemishes are unsightly things to look at, and the immediate solutions are cleaning or new carpet purchasing. However, at times, even the best cleaning agents or services are not able to remove stubborn spots that have been a part of your carpets for many years, almost blending in with the rest of the artwork and designs. Investing in brand new carpeting is a costly process you are most likely trying to avoid. No one wants to be forced to pay thousands of dollars to have their expensive carpets replaced. Especially if you are getting your home ready to be put out for sale, or during home renovations. Lucky for you, there is a third alternative you should take into consideration: carpet dyeing.

Why Should I Dye My Old Carpets?

Dying Your Carpets Saves You Money

First of all, carpet dyeing only costs a small fraction of the cost of replacing your home carpeting. Carpet dye can work its magic and cover those nasty stains you could never get rid of, while accurately restoring all the bright colors in your original carpets. You can even opt for a completely new color or darker shade, or a mix of colors. You can save from 50 up to 80 percent of the cost of buying a new carpet, so this solution is definitely worth looking into.

Carpet Dye Is Eco-friendly

Those of you who have embraced the eco-friendly tread might be having second thoughts when it comes to dyeing your carpets using potentially harmful and toxic carpet dye. You should be pleased to know that most of the carpet dyes currently found on the market are 100% environmentally friendly and non-harmful for the human health and the well-being of pets. Expert carpet dye technicians like the ones at Carpets To Dye For only work with entirely safe dyes that will not do you or your loved ones any harm. We apply special carpet dye with the help of sprayers and other specific tools and scrub it in. This is why it is imperative that you hire someone who only works with permanent dyes that are eco-friendly and who relies on the most suitable tools for the job.

You Can Walk On Your Carpets Immediately

Carpet dyeing will also allow you to immediately walk on your area rugs and carpets as soon as the dyeing process will be completed. Get in touch with us and let us tell you all about our special colorfast dyes that allow you to safely walk on your carpets without having to fear about any color transfer, color bleeding, and other specific problems relate to cheaper dyes of a poorer quality. Ordering a new carpet online might mean having to wait for a few weeks for its delivery. You could be actually saving precious time by hiring specialized carpet dyeing services, as you will avoid waiting a long time for new carpets to be covering your floors.

Your Stained Carpets Will Look Clean And Bright Once More

Besides helping you avoid the hassle of shopping for new carpets and burning holes in your pocket, carpet dyeing can also help you get rid of the most stubborn stains you were never able to remove no matter how much effort you might have put into it. You can also get rid of nasty carpet fading spots caused by harsh chemicals, sunlight, and bleach spills, and help your carpets regains their original charm.

Keep in mind carpet dyeing does not mean you will be simply hiding your dull carpet with a rug. You will be permanently changing the colors – and you can opt for no less than 16 million new colors. Just remember you can only opt for a color that is darker than the one on your carpets. A carpet that has preserved its good condition, but which is covered in stains and bleach spots can undergo carpet dyeing with wonderful results. If you are hesitant about the efficiency of these services, you can go online and look at before and after pictures to make an idea on the type of results you should expect.

Add Logos And Artwork To Your Carpets

If you wish to add unique designs, borders or different types of artwork and even logos on your obsolete carpets and area rugs around the house or office, you can consider design dye services. They are usually part of any carpet dyeing company’s offer, and they can completely change the look of any carpet and décor in a jiffy.

Whether you are looking to sell your home for more money or you simply want to change the design and color scheme of your home, you should hire a dyeing carpet technician and enjoy the fresh, bright finish.


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