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Emergency Care Tricks For Oriental Rugs

Emergency Care Tricks For Oriental Rugs Oriental rugs will probably never go out of style. People love them for so many different reasons, and if you own at least one of these beauties, you probably know what we are talking about. These rugs are...

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Expert Chinese Art Deco Rug Cleaning

Art Deco is the name of one of the most spectacular decorative art style that predominated the 1920s and 1930. Its strongest points were the highly precise and bold geometric shapes, along with the vivid colors. The style was part of home...

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Tips To Getting Rid Of Bleach Spots

More often than not, bleach and other bleach-based products get accidentally spilled on the floors and carpets during cleaning sprees. Or they drip unto carpets without you noticing it, resulting in pale, white, yellow, or orange colored blemishes...

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The Benefits Of Carpet Dyeing

Lots of people feel embarrassed about their stained or bleached carpets when having guests over. Stains and blemishes are unsightly things to look at, and the immediate solutions are cleaning or new carpet purchasing. However, at times, even the...

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