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Tips To Getting Rid Of Bleach Spots

More often than not, bleach and other bleach-based products get accidentally spilled on the floors and carpets during cleaning sprees. Or they drip unto carpets without you noticing it, resulting in pale, white, yellow, or orange colored blemishes and stains. No matter what colors your carpets might be, all bleach spots look awful, unappealing, and embarrassing, to say the least. Especially when you are having guests over, or your business’ prospect customers walk into your hallways and notice your stained area rugs. What kind of a first impression do you think a stained and discolored rug or carpet will make?

When DIY Bleach Spot Removal Doesn’t Work

If you are currently dealing with bleach stains on your carpets and you have been struggling to get rid of them for a few months or even years, it has probably been to no avail. This comes as no surprise, as most of today’s carpet cleaners actually contain bleach on their won, which means while they might be able to get you rid of some of the stains, they will further whiten the respective areas and the surrounding ones, and trigger additional stains, spots, and discoloration. So if you have so far done more harm than good to your carpets in your desperate attempts to eradicate the staining, it’s time to try something else.

The bleach spot repair solution provided by the best carpet dyeing services is your best bet in this regard. Carpets To Dye For specializes in bleach stain removal and carpet repair; we rely on the most advanced tools, equipment, and techniques in the carpet dyeing industry and we can make your problems finally go away. You won’t have to worry about having to spend a truckload of money on getting your stained carpets and area rugs replaced. This includes your precious Oriental rugs and Persian carpets that might have been in your family for years. Most of these carpets are handmade and unique, and they cannot be replaced no matter how much money you would be willing to pay. So to be able to restore the original colors and condition of your one of a kind Oriental carpets is an amazing success.

Since the main ingredient found in bleach is chlorine, whose purpose is to kill bacteria and remove stains and color, it is easy to see why accidentally spilled bleach on a carpet can cause its colors to fade.

Bleach can strip your rugs and carpets from their color, as opposed to the effects of red wine and grape juice stains. A bleach stain cannot be effectively removed with the help of the regular universal stain removers you can buy over the counter. It is also highly recommended to avoid pouring water on the bleach stain, or you will risk spreading the bleach and creating a larger spot.

You should also refrain yourself from using vinegar or other homemade carpet stain cleaners, as you will only be making the stains harder to fix. Scrubbing the bleach as soon as you see it fall on your carpet will also spread it and turn it into an even greater problem to deal with.

Unless you can come across a bleach spot cleaning procedure that has been officially approved by carpet manufacturers or cleaning services, you should avoid trying to handle the situation on your own. Expert carpet cleaners and dyers know how to use the ideal chemical reaction and the best mix of color that will perfectly match the rest of the carpet.

How To Minimize The Damage

If you have just spilled some bleach on your carpet, use a white and dry cloth and gently press it on the spill. The role of the cloth is to absorb most of the bleach and limit the damage. Next, you should pick up your phone and call an expert bleach spot repair service. The CarpetsToDyeFor team has a lot of experience when it comes to repairing bleach stains in carpets and rugs. Get in touch with us and let us tell you exactly what we can do for you. Our longtime experience in restoring carpets will help us perfectly match the original colors and recolor them to cover the annoying bleach stains.

We will provide you with a free consultation and estimate and offer free color sampling so you can see what kind of work we do. We can recolor your carpet with the original colors, or you can opt for a darker shade, add bordering and other types of design dye to create a brand new look for your carpets. The choice is yours, and we can assist you every step of the way. We will neutralize the bleach stains and prevent them from further damaging your rugs, then cover the stains with the help of various application procedures, including airbrush, syringe, or spray bottle.

If your carpets and area rugs were stained by bleach, get in touch with CarpetsToDyeFor today!


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